Born to Roam: Week 5

We were relatively social this week, by our standard, anyways. On Tuesday, we met up with Coffeeshopfriend in the evening at Moor Coffee. When they closed, we took the party to Chick-fil-A for dinner. Wednesday evening, Ethan went out for drinks after work with another travel PT he met through the hospital. Saturday night, Ethan went to the movies with a different travel PT friend he’d met through work.

I don’t think I can technically call them “my friends”, but the ladies that work in the office of our apartment complex have come to expect me at a certain time every morning to pick up any packages that have come in the mail for us. Even when I know I don’t have any package, I still have to go into the office because the girls keep treats on their desks for dogs, and Ralphie has learned that is fact, as he is with me always on my jaunts around in the mornings.

Speaking of Ralphie, he totally thinks the leather-topped coffee table in our apartment is a special, elevated bed, just for him.

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My trips to the post office didn’t cease this week. Some of our mail gets dropped off there, I’m still forwarding my family’s mail back to them, and I find a new Christmas gift I need to send to someone every other day.

One of the reasons I’m already looking forward to abandoning this town and moving to the next place was this embarrassing scene I caused in a post office:

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Here’s the deal: I needed to mail an oddly shaped package to my brother-in-law for Christmas. I wanted to put the gift inside a plan cardboard box for shipping, so, ya know, no one could see what it was, but the post office didn’t have any boxes that would be suitable. Actually, I didn’t even think that I was allowed to ship a box that clearly stated what was inside of it right on the packaging. So, when one of the workers suggested that I “tape the box”, I immediately assumed they meant tape up the entire box so that it would be better protected….yeah…that’s not what she meant. After a solid fifteen minutes of strategically placing tape over every inch of the box, I hear a woman behind the service counter yell, “MA’AM! I’m sure you’ve used enough tape!” Hahaha…hahaha…oh my goodness I was so embarrassed. In retrospect, it makes much more sense that I only needed to tape up the seals of the box for protection, no the entire thing. Oh well, it got to him safely, that’s what matters.

Ralphie definitely thought Gramma Mars sent this big package just for him, full of hamburgers and peanut butter.

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The weather on Saturday was amazing. You can’t beat sunshine and 70s in the middle of December. Caddo Lake is only thirty minutes north of us, so we made a day trip of that excursion.

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The wind was extremely strong on the north side of the lake. We were practically yelling to talk to each other. The little waves crashing on the beach were enough to make us feel like we were somewhere.

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I’ve never seen trees growing right in the water anywhere else that I can remember. It felt a bit swampish and inexplicably ominous.

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We kept driving around the lake until we crossed into Texas. That was a new state for all of us.

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Perhaps my favorite town name ever, Uncertain, Texas became a point of interest for on our trip when I needed to use the restroom. The only “restaurant” in town was a café that was the size of a small trailer. The bathrooms were located in the back of the building, outside. I quickly realized that this single toilet was used as the communal restroom for the entire campground across the street when I walked in and saw a stand alone shower and some shampoo left behind on the counter. There was literally nothing else in the town besides a canoe rental whose stock was, from what we could see, four canoes.

The trees in Uncertain did contain Ethan’s favorite feature of the area: Spanish moss.

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We drove westward with no real destination in mind until we reached Jefferson, Texas. I’d say the main means of income for this town was the sales of antiques. I bet 15 of the 20 stores in the small downtown area were dedicated to the reselling of old doors and furniture. We had the dog with us, so we didn’t go inside any of them. We did get some homemade ice-cream being sold out fo the back of a truck bed, though. There was a waterway near the stores and a path that walked alongside it, we walked all of that. It was cute, but nothing about it was especially Texan.

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I’ts rather strange that days like this get to be a part of our lives. We were just wandering around a foreign state, intruding upon other people’s everyday lives to observe and partake in their tiny town for our own entertainment. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Liv – Auth—

Oh, wait a second! The most adventurous part of our day took place on the way back to Shreveport. We hit a long stretch of traffic heading east on the interstate. Apple maps showed us that the traffic was stand still for several miles due to a wreck, and likely  we wouldn’t start moving for about forty minutes. In front of us, we’d seen at least two dozen vehicles drive through a patch of grass to the right of us and continue on a country road running parallel with the interstate.

We were in our full ton truck, and we figured the cops wouldn’t be too concerned with our illegal turnoff in such a large group. So, Ethan veered to the right and we drove towards the grass. What we failed to recognize was that where we turned led to a water-filled ditch. So there we were: stuck in the middle of our unlawfulness, tires spinning in the mud unapologetically. My mouth gaped open and Ethan’s face turned purple as he floored the gas pedal (needless to say, neither of us has any experience in off-roading). Others pulled through the grass effortlessly in their minivans, having avoided the ditch area we’d not noticed. The less adventurous, traffic-stalled crowds on the interstate shook their heads and pitied us. Ethan and I were frozen in our own unjustified impulsivity.

Then, oh yeah…we remembered our truck has 4-wheel drive. So we kicked that into gear, successfully broke out of our ditch prison, and sped away from the scene of the crime with mud plastered on our pure-white truck.

Ah, adventure.

Liv – Authentically

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